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Georgios Antonopoulos

Georgios Antonopoulos was born in Olympia, Greece. He started dancing from a very young age, and has been a part of various greek dance groups. 

Hellenic Centre for Folklore Studies acted as a gate through which he participated in numerous representation of the greek dance abroad, where he won numerous price, studied the traditional greek dance and took part in educational seminars , conferences for greek dances.At the same time, he has acquired education in music, graduating from the national conservatory of Athens. Later in paris he studies the classical ballet and the modern dance. 

During the more than ten years of his working at Duna Art Ensemble, Antonopoulos Georgios has mastered the art of Hungarian folk dance, got familiar with a wide range of dance styles from the Carpathian Basin. At the same time, working as a dance instructor in several performances, he has given over his knowledge in Greek dances to the members of the Ensemble. He also participated in contemporary dance productions  and  he is also involved in balkan, contemporary and theatrical dance. 

He has already taught greek dances in the Hungarian state dance academy, Hungarian and generally balkan dances in several countries of the world such as France, Hungary, Spain, Germany, USA etc..

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Evangelos Tzemis

Evangelos Tzemis, born in Athens, Greece has been dancing ever since his childhood; constantly and continuously. He has been a member of Dance Ensemble since 1996, through which he had the chance to come into contact with the performance art in a way that it complies with his views and needs. He has traveled numerous times around the world for international dance festivals and competitions where he and his colleagues have been repeatedly distinguished with prizes and awards.

During his MSc studies in Copenhagen, Denmark he has been a member of Crihalma dance ensemble, a group of talented Danish people, who are passionate in Balkan dances and choreographies. Vervatidis Padelis and C.H.E.F. in Geneva, Switzerland was his next stop, during his working period at CERN. For a whole year, he was a member of the group, instructing and arranging the choreographies on a regular basis.

As a Dance Instructor, he shares a model of incremental movement learning, with which even really amateurs can learn and adapt fast to demanding dances and performance environments. He has taught in various seminars around Europe during the last few years (Denmark, Switzerland, France, Greece, Croisse des Cultures 2016).  Finally, he studies Contemporary and Ballet, realising their significant role in controlling your body and express your feelings. They both constitute the necessary infrastructures needed to develop in every other field.

Meanwhile, he has acquired education in audio production, currently taking action as a sound engineer, recording and composing music @ Acoustic Vibe Studios. He plays the lute (Cretan & Mainland) having taken part in plenty performances around the world and having followed seminars from many distinguished artists.

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Alexios Tzemis

Alexios Tzemis was born in Athens, Greece. He started dancing at the age of five and he did his first dancing steps at the Hellenic Center of Folklore Studies (EL.KE.LA.M.). He also studied Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

He has participated in numerous performances all over Greece and abroad, taking part in many international dance festivals and competitions and having been awarded (as a group member) with many prizes. Additionally, he has participated and collaborated with many other Greek and non-Greek groups. Furthermore, Alexios Tzemis studies ballet and contemporary dance and has also participated in contemporary dance performances. He has taught Greek dances in Denmark, Greece, France etc.

Furthermore, he is working as a professional musician, focusing mainly on Greek traditional music. He plays Gaida (bagpipe), Clarinet and Tsabouna and has participated in many concerts all over the world (Canada, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hungary etc.). He was member of the music bands of Dimitris Korgialas (Greek pop singer) and  Michalis Tzouganakis. Finally, he has taken part and recorded in many CD productions.

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